We just can't wait for "Marvel's The Punisher"!

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While the actual series is still quite a ways away, Frank Castle (The Punisher) has made his first appearance in the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil, which premiered on Netflix on March 18, 2016!

It’s no secret that past attempts at “The Punisher” have flopped, due to marketing standards of targeted audiences, no doubt. The same story has crippled many comic-book-gone-live-action in the past. The reason for this is, when these films started coming out, comics were seen as a medium for kids and youth, despite the fact that many of these comics were filled with blood, violence, and holy-fricken-WTF?!

There was one incarnation of “The Punisher”, played by Thomas Jane, where the vision of Frank Castle was finally done right:


And that is what we were all hoping to see when dear old Frank made his debut on The Daredevil!

Frank Castle is played by AMC’s The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal (as Shane Walsh). With Jon as The Punisher, combined with the dark and gritty feel of Daredevil, we are witnessing the official birth of Frank Castle, portrayed in a way that he was meant to be seen.

*Update: November 10, 2017*

We're now only days away from Marvel's The Punisher premiere on Netflix! Are you ready?