Tormented By Ghosts: True Life Experiences

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Follow Lynda Bogert as she takes you on the insane adventure of her daily life. From day one we’re shown the fear and confusion she experiences as her gifts start to emerge, told how it felt, and thrown right into the middle of the chaotic world of the tormented.

This book is written in such a way that feels almost lighthearted, despite the subject matter. The thing is, that’s what makes this book so effective. When the lights go out, you feel it. You feel the dread, the anxiety building, the terror of what might happen. Is the ghost a good spirit? Is it lost? Does it need help? Or is it trying to kill you?

Tormented By Ghosts: True Life Experiences isn’t just a story based on true life experiences. It’s Lynda’s life. If you’re like me and don’t like to read non-fiction books, this is the story you’re going to want to make an exception for.

Wait, did I mention I’m also the cover designer? Check out the process below: