This game will haunt you - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

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I bought this game a couple of years back. I don’t know why. Video games aren’t something I usually do. However, on this particular day, I seemed to be in the mood for something different, so I was exploring the XBox Arcade store and came across Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Also available on Playstation 4, XBox One, and Steam for the PC).

While just about any game can be fun, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons stands out because of its unconventional gameplay. You’re forced to control both brothers at the same time, using a thumbstick per brother. For the first half of the game, it’s awkward but insane fun. It’s like trying to walk with one of your legs tied to someone else’s. What you don’t notice, though, is it’s all a setup to emotionally bond you to both brothers. You know it’s a game, but you really get attached to them.

No. Wait. Wait a minute. That’s not what makes this game great. It’s the story. The story that you don’t realize is playing out. In the beginning, the father of the brothers is ill and will die without a special medicine. Unfortunately, this medicine is rare and only grows on a very special tree. In order to save father dearest, the two brothers set out on the adventure of a lifetime. There are monsters and strange, unidentified creatures, lots of climbing and swinging and jumping, and it’s all really quite fun. And then… and then things happen. Unexpected things that I couldn’t possibly tell you. Things that you have to experience in order to understand, otherwise it’s pointless. Instead, how about this cool little trailer:

I will not spoil the ending. What I will do, however, is tell you that this game is quite short. It can be played in a single day, from beginning to end, if one was son inclined to do so. You have to remember, this isn’t a game you’re paying for. It’s a story in the form of a video game—one that has such good gameplay that you don’t even realise you’re playing the story out. It’s an absolute masterpiece.