The Curse of the Samsung Fridge

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November 24, 2016. It was a Thursday, the day before Black Friday. This is Canada, so it was just Grey Thursday, not Thanksgiving. There was an appliance sale on at Home Depot. I love Home Depot, and as luck would have it we needed a new fridge and stove range.

It was the happiest outing ever. We drove down to the best store in the world and seriously browsed through the appliance section for the first time in our lives. It was a damn big moment. The first big appliance shop ever! We didn't want anything overly fancy. We wanted to be sensible and were going to buy a basic model, no ice maker, no water thingy. Just fridge and freezer. The only criteria we had was the fridge had to have French doors, and both appliances had to be stainless steel with that brushed metal look, 'cause fancy,

We looked at everything, asked lots of questions, and were told what we were buying were great products. When we were done, we had purchased a beautiful fridge and stove range.

Then everything went wrong.

The delivery was supposed to occur on December 7, 2016, but somewhere along the way, our order got lost. Only our stove range arrived at the warehouse and they couldn't find the fridge. Of course, they couldn't just deliver the stove range. They had to hold onto that until everything was sorted.

After maybe two weeks, my memory is blurring on this part now, we were finally informed that the fridge was gone, suspected as stolen, and a second fridge was on its way. In the meantime, they forgot about our stove range, and we had to call several more times before the stove range was finally delivered in either late December or early January.

But still no fridge.

It took days of calling and transferring and more calling before the fridge, at long last, had arrived and was going to be delivered on January 18, 2017. I remember that date well, because warranty.

We had the fridge for no longer than two months when the darn thing had frozen over. Its twin-cooling system clogged up with thick, heavy ice and the noise it was making was terrifying, not to mention nothing in the fridge was getting cold.

We called Samsung, who transferred us to Home Depot's extended warranty place, who transferred us to Samsung-Home Depot, who had a repairman call us, and within a few days, the repairman came to visit. Unfortunately, the fridge was still frozen, so we had to let it sit and defrost for a couple of days. Two days later, the repairman called to schedule an appointment for a few days later...

I'm not sure if you've ever had to do this, but having all of your refrigerated items in a couple of coolers for a couple of days sucks. After that, you're throwing close to everything out. I don't even want to think about how much money was wasted on that.

Fortunately, when Mr. Repairman returned, he replaced the cybernetic mainframe of the central nervous system relay to who's-his-face-whatcha-ma-call-it (The motherboard), which rid us forever of that dastardly sound. Everything appeared to be fixed, as the fridge was quiet and cooling things well.

For a month. The bloody thing froze over again. I consulted the manual again to make sure I had it leveled correctly. It stated it needed to be level side-to-side and front-to-back, and left door might need to be raised (it did need that a smidgen), so I spent an entire day messing around with the leveling legs in the front, propping up the back a little, readjusting here and there. I mean, we live in a home built in 1913. The floor's not level. In fact, it kind of bows and waves or something insane, but only underneath the fridge. The rest of the kitchen was ace!

I got that job done. The fridge was super level. So level a marble could sit dead-centre in the middle of the thing's top and not roll in any direction. Take that, fridge! >:O Unfortunately, after another defrost, the fridge refroze within a couple weeks. I called the repairman again and consulted Samsung's website. Their website told me the fridge should be at a slight incline to allow for adequate drainage. This was in conflict to the manual, which stated if it wasn't 100% level it would self-destruct.

Son of a...

I didn't touch it. We just defrosted for another 48 hours and the repairman came to poke at it, but there was nothing he could do. He opened the inside panel, moved some thingies, said something about heating coils freezing over and bad positioning, and put it back, hoping that would do the trick. If it didn't, he'd send the information out to Samsung so that we'd get a replacement.

It didn't work, so the guy came back again, poked at the fridge, and said he'd send the information in to Samsung.

He left.

We waited.

2 weeks.

4 weeks.

I called Samsung, wrong Samsung. Transfer to other wrong Samsung, then finally right Samsung, who couldn't do anything because they hadn't received any paperwork, but they had emailed the repairman for the information and would get back to us within a couple of days.

We waited.

2 days.

1 week.

Called back, same old drill, went through our pile of reference numbers, none of them helpful, but by the time I got to talk to someone, they had no information and were going to go through the same steps as before: Send an email, wait for the information.

I blew up.

I was so angry I was shaking, and it infuriated me that I let myself get mad, and I yelled at the poor kid from some other country who's only doing his job and reading from a script of responses and has nothing to do with what's happening. However, he made me feel like he understood, talked me down, then promised he would call the repairman himself and call us back tomorrow, even if he didn't have any information. That satisfied me.

He never called back. No one did.

Several days later, I called again, some words were said, and the same repairman came back. He was so certain it couldn't possibly be our house that he actually went to the home across the street and called me to say I wasn't answering the door. When he realized it was, in fact, us, he just came over and filled out the replacement form for the fridge. It was now late September, and finally, things were getting done.

After that final visit, there were very few steps left to be had. A Couple phone calls, a few emails, but finally the replacement fridge was on its way.

Today, November 17, 2017, that new fridge arrived at our home, and boy if it ain't the shiniest fridge I have ever seen... But the old fridge wasn't going without a fight! In one last hurrah, when the delivery men showed up, no one had told them they had to take the doors off both fridges so they'd fit through the doors. Surely there aren't many people with 40" wide doorways, are there?! Of course, the doors had to be taken off! Even without the doors on, there was barely an inch to spare between the door frame.

They had no tools to get the job done, so I loaned them mine. They were great guys, though. I can't think of two better delivery men that I'd like to spend an uncomfortable afternoon with. But the job got jobbed, and the fridge is now sitting happily in its new home, nearly a year late, level side-to-side and back-to-front, as the manual says.

We were told to let it sit for an hour before plugging it in. We're letting it settle overnight, just in case. If you don't hear from me by this time tomorrow evening, the bloody thing exploded, we're all dead, and the problem is still solved.

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Side note: Oh, and in case you were wondering, the stove range is fantastic! We got the Samsung dual oven, electric range doohickie, and I've been enjoying it since day one. Not one complaint.