Dream Home Found, Time Machine Needed.

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I've had this advertisement saved on my computer for a few years. When I saw it, I knew. I knew that someday this would be my house, or something really similar to this.

Modern Homes Number 132 from 1908, Sears, Roebuck & Co, Chicago, Ill.

The first thing that popped out, though, is the price. $4, 800.00?! We spent more than that just getting a fridge and stove, but an entire house? Times really do change. If only I had a time machine, I could zip on back to 1908, scoop me up a few of these homes, and pop back to 2017. It's hard to believe that just a 100 years later, houses like this will be going for more than 60 times that price.

I had to Google how to do an uppercase "S" and "L" in cursive for this. I'm so ashamed. :( I skipped the uppercase "F" because it sucked.

BUT back to my dream home fantasy! Here's how the layout's really going to work:

I didn't do much to the general layout. Instead, I just revised the purpose of a few rooms to account for today's society and my needs. The biggest change I did to the main level is the counter space. I'm not sure there was any in there, and the sink was in the corner. Obviously, the designer has never attempted to make bread dough, or chop vegetables. You need lots of space!

Actually, the more that I look at it, the more I realize the layout on the main floor isn't very optimal for today's standards. We need massive kitchens, and all those extra rooms? I mean, I can see a dining room for special occasions, but I don't really use them. Then the Room of Netflix and Epic Chamber Library are pretty straight forward, but the Games Room, which would only have board games, could easily be meshed in together with the library.

On the second floor, I realized immediately that I have no use for a trunk room, so I took that out and put in another bathroom for emergencies. There' s nothing worse than having company over, taking a pooh, and all of a sudden you need to pooh, too. You'll notice that I opted to keep the thrones on opposite sides of the rooms, because had they been on the inner side, well... Let's leave that to your imagination. You're welcome.

After carving out an unwanted room to designate for guests, and claiming the biggest room for my twin-sized bed, I obviously had to take the next-biggest room for my office. I probably should have taken the larger room for the office, or even left the office downstairs... Well nuts.

It was at that point when I ran out of ideas, so I randomly stuck in a second library and a loungy room.

As it turns out, this isn't my dream house at all. Like so many other people, I got sucked into the dream and moved in before even considering how it would all work out. Ugh. It's a good thing I only wasted $5, 000, right? It is a nice house, but I think I'll keep on dreaming.