Creating some wooden stands for K.B. Glass

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Most Thursdays, I join forces with my Aunty Kathy, and together we become K.B. Glass!!! She's a fellow creator, though her medium will cut you ten times over if you're not careful. As you might be able to tell from the name drop, and perhaps a few of you even cheated and visited the website just now, but my aunt creates awesomeness with stained and fused glass.

My roll in all of her ventures is everything but creating things with stained glass. I do the website work (failing hardcore on that part), social media (getting better at that!), the heavy lifting, and the table-designer/wrapper/cashier/salesman throughout the days at the Downtown Winnipeg Farmers' Market.

While we do have lots of fun participating, there's not a huge market for stained glass work these days, but we do make enough money so that she can continue to create what she loves without having to dip into her own pockets too often. I think we can do better.

One of the biggest things preventing potential buyers from making a purchase is they don't have the window space, or they're afraid to hang things in their windows. I mean, it is glass after all. Everyone's a little apprehensive about hanging glass up on suction cups on even more glass.

I mean... what can go wrong?

That's where the stands come in. We've always had stands for dimension and aesthetics, but we never sold them, and that in itself is really hurting us. That means, the first step is to create new, attractive stands that people are going to want to have in their homes, but not beautiful enough to distract from what the stand is presenting (I couldn't stand for that!).

Another thing that people want from markets is handmade items, so that's what I'm doing, complete hardcore mode. Each wooden stand will be made using hand tools only. That includes chisels, carving knives, sandpaper, brushes, stains, paints and sealers (all water-based, eco-friendly!). Not one machine will touch the wood, and all the wood will be re-purposed or from scrap. That not only makes it cool, it makes it environmentally cool!

Selling stands may seem like a tiny little, itty-bitty step, but it's actually one giant leap that took me four years to figure out. I can be a bit of a dunce sometimes.

In any case, while we figure out what sells and what doesn't, we'll collaborate on new designs that incorporate both wood and glass, which will allow people to bring these items away from their windows and into their homes.

(Yes, that's a super good spot to end, but did I forget to mention how much fun this is going to be?)