About Me

jrcdyer-5302016I’m a nerd. There’s no denying it, and I’m okay with that. Being a nerd becomes instantly awesome as soon as you’re out of high school. On top of being a nerd, I’m a whopping three other things: An illustrator, a website developer and a writer—soon to be author!

The Illustrator

Drawing was probably the first talent I never knew I had. It happened back in the 90s when The Lion King first came out. My parents had bought us some Lion King place mats and I decided to draw them. To my amazement, they turned out so well that no one believed I drew them. They actually had the nerve to accuse me of tracing the image and then lying about it. Well, I never! Ever since then, I’ve been drawing; mainly just to prove to people that I wasn’t a fraud. As the digital age came into play, I moved most of my drawing from paper and pencil to the computer. Literally. I first draw most of my projects in pencil first, then transfer it over to a computer. From that point on, I’ve saved a lot of money on paint.

The Writer

During my teenage years, I discovered my love of fiction. It started with the movies. At the time, my absolute favourite was grade B horror. Not the badly written ones, though. I had a passion for the low-budget films that knew how to keep you watching, despite the fact that you could see the monster’s zipper. As my taste for freaky tales matured, I became drawn to the paranormal. There was something about ghosts and demons and possession that I couldn’t shake. The stories are always suspenseful and mysterious and down-right creepy.

Not long after I bought my first computer, I started searching the web for more films in the paranormal genre. That’s when I discovered it. Books. Online stories. An entirely new world of untapped potential, and it reeled me in so fast that I was flopping on the deck before I could even swallow the worm. It was through these new, undiscovered, unpaid authors that I started to write. My first story was absolute crap, but a few people seemed to like it. They even volunteered to help me out by editing and giving me advice, and so I continued to write, only now I had a small army to back me up. Of course, by small army I refer to a handful of unprofessional but very passionate people. As time passed by and my writing improved, so did my need for more: I wanted needed a website.  Little did I know that, through buying my very first domain name and my very first web hosting package, I was about to be swallowed whole by a whole new passion.

The Website Developer

It was through that first website that I fell in love with website development. I wasn’t very good, but that didn’t matter. It was a magical experience. I could create websites! And that’s what I did. At the time I was a little less than an amateur, but other people seemed to take notice and asked if I could build them a website, too. So I did. Then I built more. It wasn’t long before I was building so many templates that I was running out of people to give them to, so I decided to move on to something new: PHP programming. And that’s when the bug permanently bonded with my DNA.

Today, as a website developer, I’m currently working on a WordPress plugin for websites that want to host a community of online authors and is based on the popular website software eFiction. I call it ArchivePress. Although it’s primarily created for people who write online fiction, just like on wattpad.com or fanfiction.net, ArchivePress will be flexible enough to accommodate any website that uses a structure similar to a book; hence why I named it ArchivePress, instead of FictionPress or WP Library or… whatever. I want to keep it as open to different uses as possible. You can find out more about ArchivePress by clicking here.

ArchivePress is still in its early stages of coding, but if you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for this plugin, please send me an email to [email protected] and let me know. Once it’s released, the plugin will be free and available in the WordPress plugin repository. There will be no “light” or “Pro” version. The plugin, and all of its features, will be a one-version deal. No hidden fees, no paid upgrades, no pro-support subscriptions. Free to install and use, free to get support, free to tinker with the code, free to roll your own plugin version.

The butterfly effect is an amazing thing. How one thing can lead to another, given even the slightest change, is a truly exciting thing. Had I not started to draw, I doubt I ever would have even attempted to start designing websites. Likewise, if I hadn’t started writing, it would have never even crossed my mind to get a website to begin with. The question is, though, who would I be today if my mother didn’t buy those Lion King place mats?

I know. Mind = Blown.