About Me

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Photo of me being smart and stuff.
I'm a nerd. There’s no denying it, and I’m okay with that. Being a nerd becomes instantly awesome as soon as you’re out of high school. On top of being a nerd, I’m a whopping three other things: An illustrator and a writer—soon to be author!

The Illustrator

Drawing was probably the first talent I never knew I had. It happened back in the 90s when The Lion King first came out. My parents had bought us some Lion King place mats and I decided to draw them. To my amazement, they turned out so well that no one believed I drew them. They actually had the nerve to accuse me of tracing the image and then lying about it. Well, I never! Ever since then, I’ve been drawing; mainly just to prove to people that I wasn’t a fraud. As the digital age came into play, I moved most of my drawing from paper and pencil to the computer. Literally. I first draw most of my projects in pencil first, then transfer it over to a computer. From that point on, I’ve saved a lot of money on paint.

The Writer

During my teenage years, I discovered my love of fiction. It started with the movies. At the time, my absolute favourite was grade B horror. Not the badly written ones, though. I had a passion for the low-budget films that knew how to keep you watching, despite the fact that you could see the monster’s zipper. As my taste for freaky tales matured, I became drawn to the paranormal. There was something about ghosts and demons and possession that I couldn’t shake. The stories are always suspenseful and mysterious and down-right creepy.

Not long after I bought my first computer, I started searching the web for more films in the paranormal genre. That’s when I discovered it. Books. Online stories. An entirely new world of untapped potential, and it reeled me in so fast that I was flopping on the deck before I could even swallow the worm. It was through these new, undiscovered, unpaid authors that I started to write. Despite the fact that my first story was complete crap, a few wonderful people seemed to like it, and they were all I needed to continue practicing the craft that is writing.

The Nerd

If everything I've told you isn't nerdy enough, this ought to fix everything! I'm a lover of outer space films and sci-fi books. I love comic books and animated movies. Heck, I'm even one of the founders of World Pillow Fort Day. I enjoy drawing dragons and goblins, and carving creatures out of wood. Most of all, I love dreaming up impossible things and thinking of ways to turn them into something believable.