Whittle me this.

I mostly just wanted to use that line, though I probably should have saved it for later. 😛 However, I did whittle myself up an orca with this awesome carving knife, by Morakniv, that I bought from Amazon. The surroundings are the beginnings of the … Continue readingWhittle me this.

Never Forget

The sky cracked and boomed like thunder without a cloud to speak of. Beside me was a seventeen year old boy, covered in mud, bearing a Lee-Enfield in hand and holding it out in front of him as if he’d forgotten how to use it. … Continue readingNever Forget

Unseen Monsters

Do you remember the monster under your bed? What about the one in your closet, or that creature in the basement? For some reason it’s really bugging me that I never found out what they looked like. I’m sure, as a child, had I actually … Continue readingUnseen Monsters